ABL has RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) part marking capabilities in both Abu Dhabi and Rome facilities, which are in accordance with the ATA Spec 2000 Chapter 9-5 and Appendix 11 as well as the SAE AS 5678A.

RFID technology is increasingly becoming used in the aviation and aerospace sector, precipitating business benefits throughout the aviation supply chain. Many airlines, aircraft operators, and MRO facilities leverage RFID technology to get business savings, and to optimize processes throughout their operations. As a result, we often see RFID requirements come through on many of products that we service. ABL has teamed up with EAM RFID Solutions and uses the TagControl™ software platform to meet the needs of the aviation industry. 

ABL’s RFID offering includes:

  • RFID tagging on all aircraft emergency equipment (including life vests, life rafts, escape slides, emergency kits and oxygen bottles, and more).
  • Metal mount and non-mental mount tagging.
  • RFID tag printing, encoding, and updating.
  • RFID serviceability checks as a part of item overhaul.

If you have any RFID-related product requirements or enquiries, then please don’t hesitate to contact info@ablsrl.com at any time. 

Please click Here for RFID guidance published by IATA on RFID.

ABL RFID technology
ABL RFID technology aviation

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