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ABL is an independent MRO and started its business in 1993, providing the engineering assistance to support mainly military projects in Italy.

Thanks to its almost 30 years of activity in the field of aeronautical maintenance, ABL has become a leader in the supply and maintenance of components like emergency evacuation slides, life rafts, life vests, oxygen bottles, engine fire extinguishers, floatation for helicopters, elt, headset, main emergency batteries.

Our facilities are located in Europe (in the neighbourhood of  Rome) and Middle East (Abu Dhabi Airports Free Zone). They are approved by EASA, FAA, GCAA and DOT. We are offering AOG service upon request and exchange service from both locations.

Our headquarters, component division and R&D division are located a few miles south of Rome, strategically positioned among the biggest Italian military airport (Pratica di Mare) and the two major civil airports of Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino). It covers an area of 1500 square meters and serves all our customers mainly in Europe.

Our Component Division in the UAE covers an area of 720 square meters. It is positioned close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport and maintains the emergency components of our customers mainly in the Mena region and Africa (UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, India, South Africa).

Thanks to its experience, ABL grants maintenance and testing of the major aircraft life-support systems. Our component division has been developed to meet our customers’ demands requiring quick and at the same time high quality repairs.

We are proud of offering personal service by anticipating the needs of our clients.

Please feel free to send us your enquiry and express your needs: our dedicated team will do their best to provide you a fast and reliable assistance.

Our mission is: excellence, realiability, flexibility: a service you can trust

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