Research and Development

The research and development department is located at the headquarters of ABL, in the surroundings of Rome. It started its activity in 1993, offering support to special military projects. Among the civilian achievements, we can mention the production of an emergency slide for building evacuation, eco-compatible systems for the extinguishment of fires, etc. This Division works closely with public/private, and even international, research institutions.
A close cooperation at the institutional level is developed with the different institutions involved in the various projects: at present we are involved in research on

  • Multipurpose fibers
  • Early nanodiagnosis of degenerative diseases, and further applications of nanotechnologies
  • Catalysts
  • Application of renewable energy sources

More in general, through its Engineering Department, ABL is able to design and manufacture devices for specific applications in the following fields:

  • Environment
    • gasification system for hydrocarbon production;
  • Industry
    • electromechanical systems
    • engine test benches;
    • fire protection systems;
    • evacuation systems for buildings

  • Defense: aeronautical and naval applications
    • special systems
    • work platforms
    • systems of survival and safety

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