Products and Services

What we do?

ABL offers a wide range of maintenance/supply/exchange services based on specific requests of our customers.  We can grant timesaving and high-quality repairs.
We provide for maintenance, test and repair, overhaul, refill, hydrostatic test for evacuation slides, oxygen bottles, oxygen containers, emergency bottle assemblies for landing gear, life vests, life rafts, engine fire extinguishers, portable fire extinguishers, APU fire extinguishers, floatation systems for helicopters, elt, headset and emergency battery.

ABL can also support the customers through the offer of slides, oxy bottles, rafts, fire extinguishers on loan basis, according to the needs

  • Oxygen bottles
  • Fire extinguishers systems
  • Lavatory fire extinguishers
  • Cargo fire extinguishers
  • Evacuation slides
  • Life rafts
  • Floatation systems for helicopters
  • Oxygen masks
  • Main emergency batteries
  • Pneumatic bottles for landing gears
  • Elt
  • Headset

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