Inflatable Survival Equipment

ABL provides test/repair, overhaul, hydrostatic test for the slide reservoirs for the below components, which are installed on major aircrafts such as A320 family, A330-340, B777, B707, B737, B747, B767, MD80-11, EMJ, Falcon, Gulfstream,  and helicopters such as AW109, AW139, AW119, AW169, AW189, AB 212, AB 412, AB 205, EC135, and more:

  • Evacuation slides (Goodrich, Air Cruisers, Eam)
  • Life rafts (Air Cruisers, Eam, Winslow, Switlik, AviSurvival, Apical/Dart, Rfd/Survitec,…)
  • Life vests (Air Cruisers, Eam, Winslow, Switlik, Secumar, Rfd/Survitec, and more)
  • Floatation systems for helicopters (Dart/Apical, Air Cruiser, Aerazur, and more)
  • Survival kits (B/E Aerospace, Air Cruiser, Eam, and more).

We can assist our customers through the major repairs of aspirators of evacuation slide, repair/replacement of the inflatable of the slide, repair of the packboard and painting/stenciling of the packboard of the slide.

ABL offers also the supply/exchange/loan of evacuation slides, liferafts, lifevests, floatation systems for helicopters, and survival kits.

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